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About Us

We are the innovator in the field of technology solutions& state of the art product development. We serve the clients with in the time and encourage them with the cutting edge technology and therefore supporting them to stay abreast of the competition. The Welly team has time and again showed its flexibility and adeptness in management, developing and offering Excellent State of Art Research, Technology consultancy and solutions In Ns2,Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Web Technologies, Big Data, Data mining, Embedded , in DSP, Robotics, Power &Control Engineering, Machine Learning Etc.


We have a powerful thinking that our very existence is to restrain the technological enthusiasm of a common man of this world in particular and society in general. We thrive on the high ideals needed to set the honorable business process in motion. Creativity is our mantra and excellence is our characteristic in whatever we do.


To be a contest changer in the technology domain and be a steamroller in ushering in a new age where in the gap between the Technology and the common man dissipates, enabling a Technology transformation that will absolutely change the face of the earth in terms of peace, success, parity, familiarity, and affability.