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Research & Development

As a part of research curriculum, a paper or an article has to be published by the scholar in an International standard Journal for the award of his M.Tech / M.E. / Ph.D Degree. Welly Technologies supports and guides the students / Scholar in publication right from the abstracting and content writing to meet the standards of international Standard journals with good impact factor rating.

Our panel of experts in various advanced domains review the content modifies wherever required, communicate with the body of International Journal Publication and assure you 100% publication within scheduled and time bound slots. More than 450 Ph.D / M.Tech applicants were greatly sorted out by our panel of experts at Welly technologies and over 200 papers / articles are published in international journals under our guidance. We can offer the assistance in the paper publication of prestigious and exclusive journals for all domains pointed out below, IEEE, ELSEVIRE and SPRINGER.

Paper publication in IEEE, ELSEVIRE and SPRINGER